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Introducing Hindi Bhajan & Devotional Songs Courses. Know More

Why Choose Midcoast Music Together?

Comfort & Convenience

Access to top quality training from the comfort of your home at the time of your convenience. 24x7 access to learning material, videos and audio examples gives the learners the benefit of self-paced learning too.


Course Content

Our Course Content is created and curated by industry experts to make it easy and accessible to all.

Training Methods

Our training methodologies have been designed ground up to factor in all types of learners from beginners, intermediates to proficient ones. A step by step approach where complex themes are presented in lucid yet effective ways making learning easy.

Midcoast Music Together


We have put in research to create our own customised learning management system. It is built with all the features needed for training in music that truly fits the need of a teacher - student interaction which enables a seamless training and learning experience.

Qualified Teachers & Mentors

Just like the course material, our teachers have been handpicked by Shri. Geetika. We have professionals with experience and training in classical music, in-depth understanding of musical techniques and practical experience of live & recorded performances. Our mentors share from their musical journey, insights from their experiences and guide us into the world of music.

Qualified Teachers & Mentors